A safe and effective way to treat thread and spider veins, skin tags, milia and blackheads; our Therma Vein treatment utilises a controlled low energy pulse to break down the vein’s walls.

With no downtime and minimal pain, comparable to a small pinch or a needle prick, we recommend our Therma Vein treatment to any of our clients who are self-conscious about the presence of thread and spider veins on the surface of their skin.

  • Removes thread & spider veins
  • Instant results
  • Permanent

The Process

Our Therma Vein device utilises a high frequency wave to produce a thermal lesion within the vein in order to break down the vein’s integrity. A very tiny low radiofrequency current of 4Mhz is applied onto the skin, which in turn alters the consistency of the vein walls so that they bind together and seal up.

Once the vein walls have sealed, they are gradually re-absorbed by the body’s natural lymphatic drainage system, resulting in a clearer complexion and an instant removal of the vein.