The lymphatic system is the body’s natural way of maintaining fluid levels and is responsible for absorbing fats and expelling toxins. An essential pillar of maintaining general wellbeing, the lymphatic system is known often as the body’s ‘sewer system’ as it regulates the body’s reaction to bacteria and harmful cells. If the lymphatic system isn’t functioning properly you may experience swollen tissues, water retention and can be potentially made more susceptible to further health complications including Crohn’s disease, lymphoedema and obesity.

Our lymphatic drainage treatment utilises a specially designed sleeve garment to massage the effected area, increasing circulation and aiding in the body’s natural ability to remove toxins.

This treatment can be used to address a wide-ranging selection of health and aesthetic concerns due to the general improved wellbeing that many of our clients report after enjoying this treatment. Lymphatic drainage is effective in reducing swelling in feet and legs caused by a disruption to lymph flow and aids in removing fat deposits in the lymph vessels; a main cause of cellulite.

We recommend this treatment to any of our clients seeking to reduce puffiness or swollen tissue and any of our clients struggling with lymphoma. As an incredibly relaxing and pain-free experience, a lot of our clients choose to have this treatment at the same time as they’re enjoying a facial or peel.

  • Blood circulation
  • Targets cellulite
  • Reduces swelling in feet and legs
  • Detoxifying

The Process

During the treatment, our lymphatic drainage sleeve will be inflated to create a large cushion-like automatic massage garment which will then perform a carefully regulated pressure massage. This pressure massage will specifically target swollen lymph nodes and swollen tissue to help to boost your circulation and trigger the body’s natural lymphatic drainage. In turn, this will help your body to remove toxins and waste products,
and transport the fat molecules from your cellulite tissues into your general circulation to be metabolised by your other muscles and organs.

A whole body detox!