Our cellulite devices directly target the root causes of cellulite; fat pockets, poor lymphatic drainage, poor circulation and reduced collagen. As entirely painless and incredibly effective procedure with no downtime, we’d recommend this treatment to any of our clients who are experiencing stubborn cellulite anywhere on the body. We recommend 6-8 treatments over the course of several weeks to achieve the optimal long lasting results from this treatment.
  • Targets cellulite
  • Increases circulation
  • Eliminates fat cells

The Process

After our aestheticians apply a layer of specially formulated gel or cream over the application area, the handheld device will be massaged over the area of concern. As this happens, the radiofrequency and shockwaves will be delivered onto the skin in the form of a comfortable pressure. This is a quick and painless process that directly reduces the size of the fat cells whilst improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage; reducing the appearance of cellulite naturally over the course of 12 weeks.