BlogTone Up In Time For Summer With SCI-U

Tone Up In Time For Summer With SCI-U

Tone Up In Time For Summer With SCI-U

As we wave goodbye to winter and look ahead to summer, now is the time to start thinking about how you can lose weight and achieve that beach-ready body for the warmer months. Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s infinitely easier if you know a few beauty secrets that can help you slim down and tone up.

At the SCI-U Aesthetic Clinic, we specialise in fat reduction and body skin tightening, working with some of the world’s most trusted brands to deliver fast and effective treatments. Looking to get trim in time for summer? We’re here to let you into a secret…

High-impact, non-invasive treatment

Crash diets, ambitious exercise regimes… at some time or another, we’ve all tried the ‘quick fix’ routes to lose weight and tone up. But willpower alone is often not enough; to transform your appearance, you need treatments that will sculpt your body and smooth out those imperfections.

This is where non-invasive treatment can truly make an impact. BTL Aesthetics lead the way in fat reduction and skin tightening, with award-winning technology that delivers rapid, long-lasting results. Our qualified therapists currently offer two types of BTL treatment that can help you get in shape:

Exilis Elite

To lose weight is one thing; toning up is quite another. Most fat reduction treatments leave a sag to the skin, whereas Exilis Elite takes a two-pronged approach to body sculpting.

As a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, BTL Exilis combines ultrasounds and radio frequencies to shed fat and boost collagen growth. Whether you’re looking to combat love handles, inner knees or arms, it offers targeted results that begin to show from as little as two treatments.

If you’ve got a specific trouble area that you’re looking to work on in the run-up to summer, Exilis Elite is an ideal choice.

Vanquish ME

Summer is a revealing time… when baring all for the beach, you want to feel confident from head to toe. We know that some of our clients seek a more holistic approach to their weight loss and skin toning, which is why we’ve introduced Vanquish ME to our range of BTL treatments.

This powerful device uses multi-polar radio frequency to target the hypodermis – the inner layer of your skin – where fat is stored. Like the Exilis Elite, this treatment is non-invasive, but it covers a much bigger surface area.

As such, it’s perfect for anyone seeking fat reduction treatment on their tummy, legs or bum, offering results in as little as two sessions.

Exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water and maintaining a healthy diet are all part and parcel of a balanced lifestyle. However, if these basics aren’t helping you achieve that beach body, it might be time to step up your weight loss and skin toning regime.

Our BTL treatments start from just £150 each, with a 10% discount when you book a course of treatments with SCI-U. Ready to get in shape? Give us a call on 01625 402080 today.




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