BlogThe Most Popular Aesthetic Treatments for Men

The Most Popular Aesthetic Treatments for Men

The Most Popular Aesthetic Treatments for Men

The aesthetics industry has undergone a major change over the last few years. In the last 10 years, too, there has been a change in society. So how did this affect the aesthetics sector? Well, one area where we saw a change is the popularity of aesthetic treatments for men.

A number of contributing factors could lead to the increasing popularity of men’s aesthetic treatments.

Social media will have had a tremendous impact on public influence. But look at those people that influence the public. You have sporting icons that are just as well known for their looks (especially to non-sport fans) as their sporting ability.

There are 3 names that come to mind, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Steve Weatherford as examples. What about their wives or girlfriends if they don’t directly influence a man to make the decision to book in for an aesthetic treatment? Has your wife or girlfriend ever suggested that you cut your hair in some way, maybe lose some weight or even go for an aesthetic treatment?

30-40 percent of patients visiting our Aesthetics Clinic in Wilmslow are men. Too much, right? Many of them ask, “Am I one of the only men who come to see you?” They are always surprised to hear that almost half of our patients are actually men. And don’t be put off thinking it is just for women to look great, because it isn’t. Plus, a lot of women admire a man who looks after his looks. Win—Win.

Here’s a rundown of the men’s most successful aesthetic treatments. These are the most requested aesthetic services by the men who visit our aesthetics clinic in Wilmslow:

  1. Lip Fillers
  2. Anti-Wrinkle Treatments
  3. Non-Surgical Jaw Augmentation


There are a whole range of treatments perfect for men who want to look after their skin.

If you want a procedure that doesn’t require a needle to dip your toe in the water, we have a wide range of treatments to choose from.

We have something for you if you are trying to rejuvenate your skin, wind back the years or reverse the damage done by the heat.


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