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Lymph Drainage

If you have cellulite and would like smoother, less dimpled skin, then Lymphastim is a non-invasive and effective treatment choice that focuses on lymphatic drainage and boosting your blood circulation.

How does Lymph Drainage work?

By inflating a special sleeve garment to create a carefully regulated pressure massage, we can help to boost your circulation and lymphatic drainage. In turn, this will help your body to remove toxins and waste products, and transport the fat molecules from your cellulite tissues into your general circulation. Your muscles and other organs will then oxidate (burn) the fat

Lymph Drainage benefits

This treatment speeds up your body’s natural healing process, helps you to lose weight, eliminates toxins, accelerates your metabolism, helps to shape and tone your body, renews your energy, and reduces inflammation. It has also been shown to help people with ‘heavy legs’ syndrome and can help to prevent varicose veins.

Many of our clients choose to have a Lymphastim treatment at the same time as they’re enjoying a facial or peel.

The top benefits of Lymph Drainage are:

  1. Against cellulite.

It works best in earlier stages, even if it is effective in every moment. The ideal case is to be started during the teenage. Cellulite appears when the fat deposits in our feet compress the lymph vessels, turning difficult the lymph flow. If the intervention is notrapid, the tissue fills with liquids and toxins and the fat deposits tend to turn harder, producing the “orange skin”.

When the cellulite is on its incipient stages, it is easy to activate the flow of the accumulated wastes and solve definitively the issue. Normally, just three months (for example February, March and April) are enough to get satisfactory results.

  1. Swollen, heavy and edematose feet.

Lymph flows from the periphery of the limbs to their center. When for no matter which reason this path is interrupted, the lymph falls back due to the action of the gravity flooding the feet tissues and causing swelling. The lymph drainage helps lymph to complete its route and it is the choice treatment. In 3-4 weeks, the problem is improved. If it’s chronic, the doctor will point the ideal frequency of the massage

  1. Pregnancy and PMS syndrome.

The drainage is very effective in both cases, but as a preventive method. The hormonal changes during pregnancy determine liquid retention and a decrease in the tonus of the vein and lymph vessels. The drainage can be started beginning with the third pregnancy month and made till the delivery. It is also effective against the swelling experienced by many women a few days before the menstruation. In this case, the massage is made immediately after the end of the cycle for a week.

If during the scarring process of a wound interstitial liquid accumulates forming an edema, a hypertrophic (cheloid, swollen) scar forms. The lymph draining has a “planning” effect on the scar, even in older ones, because it activates the lymphocytes, involved in reconstructing the tissue.

  1. Acne and couperisis.

In acne, the skin is inflamed, accompanied generally by liquid retained amongst the skin cells. The depurative and draining effect of this technique decreases gradually the inflammation and the edemas, favouring a more rapid cure.

Couperosis is due to an alteration of the peripheral circulation of the face, especially on cheeks, nose, and chin. In time, the reddening turns permanent, accompanied by the inesthetic “veinlets”. If the condition is in the initial phase, the lymph drainage can fix it, but if it’s on an advanced stage, it just improves the look attenuating the skin symptoms. 15 sessions can check the skin’s reaction to this treatment, when even total cure can be achieved.

Lymph drainage is effective for getting rid of edemas and hematomas and boosting tissue regeneration following a surgery. But it is good not only after the operation; if made a month before the operation, it favors the elimination of the liquids and toxins from the body, spurring cells’ ability to regenerate and repair tissues.

Areas taken care of by Lymph Drainage Treatment

  • Blood circulation
  • Body contouring
  • Body detox
  • Accelerates metabolism
  • Body toning

Cost of Lymph Drainage

Lymph drainage starts from £45.


What happens before your treatment?

We will ask you to attend a consultation lymphastim treatment. During this consultation, your aesthetician will carry out a full skin analysis, and go through your skincare concerns, medical history and skincare routine.

At this initial stage, we’ll also take photos of the area to be treated for your medical records and to help us chart your treatment progress.

Our promise is to always personalise our recommendations so that you receive the treatment that is right for your needs.

What happens at your Lymphastim appointment?

During your Lymphastim appointment, you can lay back and relax. The treatment uses award-winning technology from BTL Aesthetics with the BTL Lymphastim compression system, which has two separate chambers that we position around your limbs – these look like a large, inflatable body suit. These chambers will gradually inflate and deflate, starting from the ankles and moving to the upper thighs, to increase your blood circulation and lymph flow.

How long will your treatment take?

Lymphastim typically takes about 30 minutes.

How many Lymphastim treatments will you need?

You may need a number of Lymphastim sessions to ensure the best results but we will discuss our recommendations with you during your initial consultation and through your unique treatment plan so that we all agree what would best meet your individual needs.

How quickly should you see results?

Your skin should feel smoother immediately after your treatment. However, you should continue to see improvements in the days and weeks following your treatment thanks to the new collagen and elastin beneath your skin and your boosted circulation.


I consent to this website storing my submitted information so they can respond to my enquiry.

Always a warm and friendly welcome! A relaxing atmosphere in a lovely clinic where my treatments are always carried out to a high standard. Mozhgan is truly the professional and I can’t recommend her enough.

– Natasha Beardmore

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