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Vitamin Injections and IV Treatments

Our modern lives are, more often than not, punctuated by excessive stress, illness or nutritional deficiency. Our natural levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids are depleted by the ever-increasing stresses and strains of daily life and are simply not up to the job of supporting our immune system.

In response to this in the UK alone we spend billions of Pounds each year on vitamin supplements. When these oral supplements are processed in the stomach and intestines it seems some of them are rendered inactive in the digestive tract, or are poorly absorbed due to inefficient intestinal function.

How does the treatments work?

Intravenous nutrition or IV therapy is a method of feeding vitamins, minerals and other natural substances directly into the bloodstream. Bypassing the digestive system means that far higher levels of absorption are achieved and an immediate therapeutic response can be seen as nutrient deficiencies are corrected within minutes. In 1996 Dr Meyers researched, tested and formulated a range of IV drips medically designed to be liquid solutions for optimum human health. And used these IV drips successfully on cancer patients to help them get healthy again.

Whether you are faced with a crucial meeting, struggling with a demanding travel schedule, recovering from illness or surgery, or simply feeling under the weather, IV drips can help you. The treatment provides a chance to reaffirm life’s energy and enable optimum health within minutes.

Our IV drips provides the highest quality vitamins and minerals are added to a solution containing the same salt concentration as our blood. The infusions take around 20 to 30 minutes. Clients have noticed an immediate and dramatic effect from the vitamin cocktails.

Optimum nutrition of this quality and efficacy is well worth the money. Administered by health professionals and formulated by scientists, this is the kind of advanced science normally only available to high performance athletes and sportsmen and women

Vitamin Injection and IV benefits

The top benefits of Vitamin injections and IV are:

  • Delivering hydration & vitamins via the intravenous routes means there is 100% absorption of these essential elements.
  • Intravenous vitamin therapy is the fastest way to potentially restore optimum hydration, stimulate and support the immune system.
  • The human body works best when it has a healthy balance of essential vitamins and is hydrated.

Areas taken care of by this treatment

  • Wellbeing is energised
  • Body replenishment
  • General and chronic fatigue
  • Athletic endurance recovery

Cost of IV Treatments

IV injection treatments start from £45.  IV drip treatments start from £150. Discounts available for multiple sessions booked.


Why not just take vitamin pills?

There are many different varieties of vitamin pills on the market. The problem is that many people in this country do not absorb vitamins from their stomach very well. A large percentage of Americans are on zantac, ranitidine, pepcid, omeprazole, prilosec, or other pills that decrease absorption of vitamins from the stomach and intestines. Celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome also play a role in vitamin deficiency. When vitamin therapy is given IV or the intramuscular route, the vitamins are absorbed very well, as this delivery route does not depend on the stomach or intestines.

Does it hurt?

We use extremely small needles and IV’s, as well as numbing medicine, so it is virtually pain free!

Does it take long?

No, the B12 and Heavenly B12 shots take about 5 seconds to administer. You will be in and out in less than five minutes. The IV vitamin therapies take approximately 30 minutes or less.

What kind of results can I expect?

With the vitamin therapy, most people notice an increased energy level and overall better feeling. Proper vitamin levels are necessary for proper metabolism, cortisol levels, and sleep patterns. Vitamin therapy can also support the immune system, which is important in the winter months and holidays, when stress levels are high.

Is it safe?

Yes, vitamin therapy is very safe when administered by my experienced medical staff. We use top quality supplies from a reputable supplier and all of our staff are fully trained and licensed.


I consent to this website storing my submitted information so they can respond to my enquiry.

Always a warm and friendly welcome! A relaxing atmosphere in a lovely clinic where my treatments are always carried out to a high standard. Mozhgan is truly the professional and I can’t recommend her enough.

– Natasha Beardmore

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