Anti-ageing TreatmentThe Magical Benefits Of Cryotherapy

The Magical Benefits Of Cryotherapy

The Magical Benefits Of Cryotherapy

Our bodies are fragile things, vulnerable to the effects of ageing, fatigue and over-exertion. Yet treatments like Cryotherapy – the exposure of the body to ultra-low temperatures in a controlled setting – are making it easier than ever to restore our skin and muscles to peak physical condition.

From glowing, healthy skin to replenished joints and muscles, there are several uses for cryotherapy. To give you a glimpse of the ways in which you can benefit from this treatment, let’s explore some of our most popular applications…

1. Cryo Sauna

Let’s start with the Cryo Sauna – in essence, a specialised chamber that you’ll step into for treatment. It’s designed to facilitate your skin’s rebirth, as the chamber is filled with cold air that dips below zero, seeping across your face, joints, back and torso in around three minutes.

The extreme cold triggers a number of processes that alleviate the marks of ageing and loose skin. Your body will burn fat to stay warm; it’ll also increase blood flow through your nervous system, pushing collagen to where it can maintain a youthful appearance. You’ll seem more luminous, and your pores will be better than ever. It only takes a couple of sessions to see the difference in your skin tone – blemishes, acne and wrinkles are drastically reduced, making this a prime solution for beauty treatment. Not only that, but cryotherapy also triggers the release of endorphins, leaving you less anxious, less stressed and with a welcome burst of energy.

2. Cryo Facials

Some of us have severe hang-ups about the skin on our face. It may be blemished, or pitted, or generally worn down by the passage of time. Our Cryo Facial therapy is designed to target sensitive areas of the face – those that mean the most to your self-confidence – with liquid nitrogen.

Cheeks, brows, forehead and chin will be covered in freezing vapours, boosting your collagen production for long-term results. Any dark areas of your face will be lifted into a lighter skin spectrum. It’s a way to get the balanced skin tone you’re striving to achieve and reduce the onset of ageing without any surgery at all.

3. Cryotherapy for sports and pain relief

Aside from the aesthetic merit of cryotherapy, it’s also a great countermeasure to aches, pains and muscle fatigue. The ultra-low temperatures flood toxins out of the body, as well as galvanising your immune system. All of this is down to the natural reactions we experience from sub-zero exposure.

Many top athletes are fond of cryotherapy for their sports training, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Novak Djokovic; all valuing its pro-circulatory effects, how it reduces inflammation and dramatically increases performance levels. It also means you’ll be up and ready for physical exercise a lot quicker than you might otherwise expect, with quicker recovery time and an increase in blood circulation to aid healing.

These are three of the most popular cryotherapy treatments you can make use of in your health regime. Luckily, here at SCI-U we are able to deliver all of them, with prices starting from £50. Book a free consultation with us to discuss the best treatment plan for you. The wide-ranging benefits of this technology are hard to resist, so why not give it a go?

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