Blog5 Beauty Tricks For Brighter, Younger Looking Skin

5 Beauty Tricks For Brighter, Younger Looking Skin

5 Beauty Tricks For Brighter, Younger Looking Skin

The appearance of our skin has a huge amount of influence on our self-esteem. Having unblemished, glowing skin tones is a desire that we all share; unfortunately, though, this can be undone by age, fatigue or diet.

At our clinic, we like to rejuvenate everyone who takes pride in their skin. There are several methods you can use to perfect those pores, as well as specialised treatments that go a step beyond the norm in your quest for natural beauty…

1. Add mixed nuts to your diet

The good kind of fat – that is, fatty acids like Omega 3 – are richly supplied in nuts. A handful of walnuts or Brazils is packed with nutrients that tend to skin elasticity. Munch through a couple a day, and your body will resist swelling and inflammation in areas that used to cause you trouble.

2. Avoid steaming showers

While the mist of a shower might feel like the very thing we need in the morning, it’ll wreak havoc on your pores, stripping them of natural oils. For people with especially dry skin, steaming water can cause rough, scaly patches to arise on the face, shoulders and neck. Keep your bathing routine tepid, with just enough heat to stay comfortable.

3. Consider Green Peel treatment

Some skin afflictions, like persistent acne or reddening blotches, can seem irreversible. Yet a smart herbal solution can really work magic where it counts, bringing your skin back to life. By utilising a brew of enzymes, minerals and plant extracts, Green Peel – a treatment developed over 60 years ago – keeps proving itself as a great countermeasure. Once applied to your face, or wherever the damage may be, it’ll erase many of your lines and deep blemishes over several weeks or months of application.

4. Don’t touch your skin

Picking, rubbing and scratching can assault our pores with dirt. This can make an underlying problem worse, letting a mild skin condition get out of control. Whether you have flawless skin or not, refrain from touching your face more than you need to, including the chin and cheeks. Sanitise your hands every time you use the bathroom, just to be extra hygienic.

5. Undergo Hydrodermabrasion therapy

This one’s quite astounding – you may have heard of microdermabrasion, the practice of gliding a stream of ultra-fine crystals over your body. Dead cells clog the outermost layer of the skin when it’s in poor condition; the device, and its crystalline abilities, removes them, promoting the regrowth of healthy cells. Hydrodermabrasion, the newest form of this approach, leaves skin plumper and softer but without causing any dryness.

We’ve balanced some everyday solutions, and some that’ll require a bit more commitment. But that’s what our skin demands: a whole lot of love, care, and sensible boosts to its condition, supported by natural ingredients.

You might require specialist care and, if so, call SCI-U on 01625 402080 (Wilmslow). Discounts are available on courses of some treatments, so book ahead for brighter, younger looking skin…

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